RedsKop is a Sports and Lifestyle website launched on 02 August 2020. Since our inception, we have been uncompromising in bringing to our large and growing Fan base all unofficial information about the Legendary Club Liverpool Fc (The Reds). Despite being called “RedsKop”; the website is for everyone as it provides relevant information about Life as well as Cats.

“Fascinating Reds” section provides brief information about the Reds and this information is helpful especially for those who want to know about the Reds. Through easy-to-read Tables, we also provide what every Football Enthusiasts craves to know and which are hotly debated topics: “Most Successful English Club” and “Most Successful European Club“.

To provide top-notch unofficial Liverpool Fc articles; we incorporate the inputs from Football Pundits and Analysers for up-to-date accurate information regarding the Reds. Under our “Reds Column” section, you get to see exclusive insiders gist on all Pre-match and Post-match Reports; Gameplay and Tactics; Player Performance Ratings and Analysis; Players linked with the Reds Transfer; and just about every analytical content that one would need to know for each Season.

I) Fascinating Reds II) Reds Column
 • Liverpool F.C.• Pre-Match and Post Match Reports
 • Most Successful English Club • Player Ratings (Per Match/ Tournament/ Season)
 • Most Successful European Club • Analysis of Players linked with The Reds
 • Everything else about The Reds

Through our “Life Journal” section, we sincerely hope everyone feels inspired and become the better versions of themselves that they are meant to be. Therefore; Life topics like Lifestyle, Self-improvement Tips, Spirituality, Food, etc. are provided to encourage people to be Eco Friendly. We want everyone to be conscious of their Life and Wellbeing as well as the place we call home — Planet Earth and it’s inhabitants: The Animals that co-exists with us. We share our personal experiences as examples to help everyone become the better version of themselves. Seeing people prosper is one of our true happiness.

Animal lovers are no exception from our cocktail of surprises. RedsKop has a dedicated section called the “Cats Corner”. You get the best gist on all things in relation to the cats including the rare Norwegian Forest Cat and Siberian Cat breeds. Are you fond of taking your cats to the Groomers every now and then? Do you get to visit the Veterinarian for a routine check-up on a regular basis? This need not be this case anymore. RedsKop provides you with relevant information on how to take care of your Cat(s) such as: the ideal Cat food, Cat litter, Cat health care and much more.

 III) Life Journal IV) Cats Corner
• Lifestyle• Cat Food, Cat Care and much more
• Spirituality• Norwegian Forest Cat 
• Food• Siberian Cat


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   

  1. What is RedsKop.com?

RedsKop.com is a leading website with a mission to bring to its visitors relevant info regarding unofficial news, events and every other lowdown on Liverpool Fc (The Reds).

Our website also provides exclusive articles relating to Life on anything from Lifestyle, Self-improvement Tips, Spirituality, Food and much more. In addition, RedsKop has a dedicated section especially for relevant topics regarding Cats — from Cat breeds, Cat food, Cat care and much more.

Since; useful and interesting information are all provided here for the convenience of our esteemed viewers, so hence our Slogan “Informative Goals Enumerated“.

RedsKop is truly the Quintessential Info Hub for Unofficial Liverpool Fc (The Reds), Life, Cats and much more.

  1. Who are we?

We are a husband and wife Duo with sound experience in Business, Finance, Sports, Lifestyle and Animal Care. I am a Former Junior Pro U-11 Soccer Champion with Double Masters Degrees and worked in 3 Continents for several International Companies in different industries. After completing her Undergraduate studies in Media and Journalism, my wife has led a successful career in both Japan and Germany. She also has relevant experience in the field of Animal Care. Besides being Ardent Reds Fans, both of us are Seasoned Travellers having been to a lot of countries around the World.

  1. Where are we located?

We are currently based in Munich, Germany.

  1. What is our hope to achieve?

We hope to provide the best and most exclusive kind of information that is not common among other websites. As such; it is our aim to weave together Concise, Articulate and Relevant Articles for our highly esteemed viewer base.

  1. How to reach us?

You can reach us via our Contact Page. Besides that you can also Follow Us through our RedsKop Social Media Accounts.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedsKopCom/

Tumblr: https://redskopcom.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RedsKopCom


So anytime you come across on any of our pages; we encourage you to Read, Enjoy, Comment and kindly don’t forget to share with everyone.


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