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Premier League 2020-21 Postponed: Manchester United vs Liverpool

Following the security breach at Manchester United Fc Stadium (Old Trafford, Manchester); the scheduled Premier League Match between Manchester United Fc and Liverpool Fc has been postponed.

The Security breach happened after some Manchester United Fc Fans gained entry to Old Trafford to demonstrate against the Glazer Family (Manchester United Fc Owners).

The revised date however for the postponed game is yet to be confirmed by the Premier League and will be informed in due course.

After careful safety and security considerations (mainly associated with COVID-19 breaches); a collective decision were been made by the Police, Manchester United Fc (The Red Devils), Liverpool Fc (The Reds), the Premier League and Local Authorities.

The game was originally planned to kick-off at 4:30 p.m (BST) and the Premier League earlier said that COVID-19 protocols were not been breached as the Red Devils Fans didn’t reach the dressing rooms (but that wasn’t the case).

Both the Clubs remained at their respective hotels and the Press were been asked to leave the Old Trafford Stadium.

The Red Devils Fans protests began at the Team Hotel with around 1,000 Red Devils Fans outside the Lowry Hotel (where the Red Devils Team were staying).

Some of the Red Devils Fans started gathering on the forecourt at Old Trafford at around 12 pm (BST).

An hour later, a large group of Red Devils Fans broke the fencing around the Old Trafford Stadium and moved the protest toward the Munich Tunnel underneath the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand (despite stiff security protocols around the area).

There are reports that suggest Red Devils are not expected to be sanctioned with Points Deduction for their failure to fulfil a fixture as the Premier League and Greater Manchester Police agreed with the decision to postpone the Match.

Also, there are other reports that suggest that the Red Devils could still face disciplinary action (that includes a possible fine, stadium closure or point deduction) as a result of the postponement.

Both the Premier League and the English Football Association launched an investigation into the circumstances which led to the game being called off.

It is important to point that the Red Devils Fans feelings of disgruntle, resentment and displeasure already were brewing toward the Glazer Family mainly due to their leveraged takeover in June 2005.

The Glazer Family’s leveraged takeover plunged the Red Devils into a colossal debt (that amounted to £301 Million (approx.) and consequently led to more than £1 billion being drained out of the Red Devils in interest charges besides pocketing periodical dividends.

But, the Glazer Family’s European Super League (ESL) involvement further exacerbated the Red Devils Fans already strained relationship which thereby led to the Anti-Glazer movements in recent weeks.

Even though the Red Devils Owner Joel Glazer apologised to the fans in an open letter (following the Red Devils withdrawal from the ESL), the Red Devils Fans already felt disillusioned by the Glazer Family ownership as the Red Devils Owners hardly had any Fan Involvement prior to the ESL Fiasco.

So days later a group of Red Devils Fans demonstrated at the Red Devils training ground and last week saw Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) group write to the Red Devils Executive Vice Chairman Ed Woodward.

In the aftermath of the ESL withdrawal, Ed Woodward fast tracked his planned departure and resigned his job with Manchester United Fc.

Despite being listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) since 2012, the Glazer Family retains majority of the Red Devils ownership (besides owning NFL Team – Tampa Bay Buccaneers).


Verdict: The Red Devils Fans may have picked the right time to do their protest in arguably the biggest game in Club Football.

It is hard to judge on what exactly happened at Old Trafford as the Stadium was placed under Lockdown soon after the Security Breach.

Regardless, there will always be the good ones and a few bad ones among any Club Fans.

The actions of the few bad Red Devils Fans (that may have trespassed and caused damages on the Pitch) can never be justified!

There are always peaceful ways to demonstrate and voice displeasure but never (in this case) by disrupting a game!

The worse that could have happened was the risk of Red Devils forfeiting the game thereby resulting in the Reds being awarded a 3-0 win by the Premier League but further sanctions like Fines and/ or Fans being Banned or even Points Deductions could be imposed on the Red Devils by the Premier League for the next Season.

For the Reds Owners – Fenway Sports Group (FSG), today’s game postponement will serve them as a warning sign not to take the Fans for granted!


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