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Step Out of Comfort Zone

Effective ways to step out of the Comfort Zone

As the old saying goes “Fortune favours the Bold”, yet many are content with the Life that they are living and as such, miss out on what Life can truly offer.

By being in the “Comfort Zone”, it is much easier to remain within the confines of where you feel comfortable rather than confront the discomforts caused as a result of the fears and anxieties of venturing beyond.

Fear and anxiety are the main factors that keep us frozen through our discomforts when confronted with venturing beyond the Comfort Zone. Yet like anything, these negative emotions become a habit.

As you may be aware, the Goldfish only grows to the size of its Environment. In the same way by not venturing beyond your Comfort Zone, you are no different to the Goldfish!


Before delving into the effective ways of how to step out of the Comfort Zone, it is important to understand first what “Comfort Zone” actually means.

A “Comfort Zone” is like a safe cocoon or self-imposed confinement built without realizing that you are actually limiting yourself which will eventually result in the likelihood of missing out on Life Experiences, Personal Growth, Professional Opportunities and so on.

More than you know; your Comfort Zone is a part of your Life and perhaps, has been for all of your Life. As such; it would not be a surprise if you have grown accustomed to it as it’s been built based on your Daily Routines and habits, thereby becoming a natural place to remain.


Here are some notable signs that suggest you are stuck in your Comfort Zone:

  • Not open minded and not willing to experience new things as they are not being compliant or not fit with your Comfort Zone, thereby killing your creativity
  • Feel very unmotivated and nothing new excites you thereby becoming an hindrance to your confidence
  • Fear or anxious to take risks as you feel it’s better to be in your Comfort Zone
  • (Like a Vicious Circle or a Hamster running constantly in its wheel) Repeat the same thing everyday thereby making you feel like you’re just surviving instead of living
  • Feel like you are not levelled up in a while or stuck in a rut for a while


The fundamental way for Growth is the ability to take risks by stepping outside the Comfort Zone, but we are often afraid to take the First Step. Why? The hardest part in Life is always taking that First Step (regardless of whatever it maybe).

So, it’s best to figure out the worst that could happen by venturing out of your Comfort Zone and the best that can happen as well. To ease your fears and anxieties, focus on those best things of venturing out of your Comfort Zone as that can help you to avoid retreating back to that Comfort Zone.

By letting go those discomforts that comes with venturing beyond the Comfort Zone; you will also learn to enjoy taking Risks and have Personal Growth in the process.


The following are the Effective ways to step out of the Comfort Zone to help you to break the chains of discomforts and venture beyond your Comfort Zone.

1. Prepare a list of what makes you feel discomfort: Make the list of discomforts you feel. Remember that what you are trying to overcome is your discomforts caused due to the Fear and Anxieties. Be specific by detailing how your discomforts are affecting each situation you want to venture. For instance: Are you afraid of introducing yourself to new people in social situations? Are you afraid of being ignored or feeling insecure of the sound of your voice?


2. Make the necessary adjustments to your Daily Routine: Making changes in Life is more likely than not difficult at first but at the same time presents the opportunities for Life Growth. You can try these for starters:

  • For your wellbeing, change your eating habits by trying Vegan Diet but if Vegan Diet is difficult, then why not try Pescatarian Diet
  • Leave early for work, don’t use your car/ vehicle and instead use the Public Transportation, then get off from a nearby station which could be about 10 minutes walking distance to your Office and just…walk
  • After work, set aside Time for Exercising by even walking at least 10-20 minutes everyday
  • Learn a new Language while using the Public Transportation or during your Spare Time
  • Get Comfortable with Discomfort by trying Outdoor Activities such as Hiking, Fishing, Indoor Rock Climbing and so on


3. Take Small Steps: Never try to venture outside your comfort zone quickly as you will most likely will feel overwhelmed and return right back into your Comfort Zone. As such, take small steps toward the discomforts you are trying to overcome. Also to become better at something, hang out with the people who are doing what you want to do and start emulating them. Their influence will start to have an inevitable effect on your behaviour.


4. Never be afraid of Failure: Remember “Failure is the stepping stone to Success”. So, with a Light-hearted approach consider the Failure as means of valuable lessons learned and never allow the fear of Failure to miss the chance of enjoying what Life can offer. Make it a personal Goal to avoid running away from discomfort caused by your fears or anxieties. Remember that several highly successful people failed many times before succeeding.


5. Remain Positive and Have Fun: As you venture outside your Comfort Zone, you might face times of negative outcome as that’s natural part of the process but remind yourself that everything will be fine. When something shakes your confidence and makes you feel scared, stay resolute by not letting anything prevent you from venturing past your Comfort Zone. Even after you succeed at your desired Goal, it’s important to keep venturing past more boundaries and enjoy the process of venturing outside your Comfort Zone. Feel the exhilaration of discovering things and further enhance your Personal Growth.


Verdict: Things may look daunting at first as you venture out of your Comfort Zone but as mentioned, just pace yourself as you venture out of Comfort Zone by gradually taking small steps. Not everything in Life works out for the best.

As such, it is important to remember that one can never choose or control any circumstances but one can choose the right attitude towards any circumstances. Never give up, stay positive and believe in yourself that you can succeed in whatever you want to achieve.

As you overcome discomforts and achieve your desired Goal, just keep venturing more past your comfort zone as well as seek new challenges.

There are many things in Life that is waiting to be explored but only with the right kind of attitude.


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