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Peace of Mind

Simple ways to attain Peace of Mind

Everyone at some point of Life would need to find their Peace of Mind but it’s never easy especially when we are going through Difficult Times. As part of our Life; there will be inevitable moments of Sadness, Sorrows, Worries, Stresses and Other Negative Feelings that we all are forced to deal with.

These negative emotions comes from the moments of being forced to deal with many kinds of personal hardships like: the heartbreaking passing away of a sibling, the painful sudden loss of a best friend to illness, an unexpected employment layoff and many other worse kinds.


These experiences were and still can be brutal with each of them knocking us down as well as off course for a certain period of time. But, by showing a greater understanding and respect for Life; all we can do is move forward and be stronger as that helps us to attain our Peace of Mind.

But, what does “Peace of Mind” actually means? In simple terms; it just means, “The Mind’s ability to keep aside worry or any negative feelings which thereby helps in having the feeling of being protected emotionally and mentally irrespective of the circumstances”.

The most important step to achieving Peace is to acknowledge the fact that you have control over your Mind, including your thoughts and how you respond to others. If you refuse to take responsibility for your reactions to others then you will never live in Peace. However, when you accept that you are in control of how you respond to people and situations; you can begin to make progress in this area instead of living controlled by things that are happening around you.


Moreover, mainly because of these negative feelings; we don’t even realize how those feelings have certain influence on our thoughts which thereby impact our lives through our actions which then becomes our Karma.

These moments gives us the feelings of the only available response to what has happened and about to happen but it simple isn’t. So, it’s important to remember that one can never choose or control any circumstances but one can choose the right attitude towards any circumstances.

Since, we are unable to choose or control our circumstances; still we can make choices for better wellbeing and to attain the Peaceful state of Mind.


The following are the simple ways that we can do to proactively attain Peace of Mind (especially in response to the events in our everyday lives).

1. Make Peace with the past and accept the circumstances that are beyond anyone’s control: This could be an event in the Past that could have been a mistake like Career, Relationship, Life choices and so on that still gives you the feeling of guilt or grief or frustration or even haunt. To exorcise those Old Ghosts of the Pasts; you need to make Peace with your Past.

Nothing can be done to undo the Past but except to just move on, learn from the past and make the best of the situation that we are all blessed with…which is Right Now. In doing so, you are also making Peace with yourself and gradually bring your Peace of Mind. Knowing that there few guarantees in the world and learning to tolerate uncertainties is a massive step in attaining the Peace of Mind. Therefore; it is important to differentiate between what you can and cannot control.

So it does not even matter what the circumstance is, like for instance: you planned a trip with your family or friends; then all for a sudden it started to Rain. Just accept the fact that the Rain won’t go away and make the best use of the moment which can be: Cook Food together or Watch a Movie together. Remember to never bottle up your negative emotions instead release stress, guilt, grief and frustration in a constructive manner and feel a whole lot happier which will then eventually help you to attain your Peace of Mind.


2. Stop worrying especially about what others are thinking: Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone can say whatever they feel about the way you live your Life. However, this is your Life and not theirs!

You should live the Life the way you want as long as the way you live does not hurt or affect others negatively in any way. That’s the beauty of Free Will but again, we have to be careful of our actions as that can be our Karma and those actions will have an impact at some point in our Life. So, make sure to choose think first before proceeding to the next step of whatever you are about to do.

This why talking to yourself helps. So, talk to yourself as you would talk to a best friend. Self-loathing or worries never serves any purpose and will undoubtedly take away whatever joy you have in Life. So, stop worrying as these negative feelings will hinder your Peace of Mind. By living the way you want, you are being true to yourself.


3. Avoid attaching to worldly desires and possessions: This is one of the key Buddhist Teachings of not being attached to worldly desires and possessions. Buying things which is not important or necessary for your Life is another hindrance in creating Peace of Mind. There will of course be a surge of happiness after getting any new belonging, but this temporary feeling will quickly wear off more quicker than other sources of happiness such as strong and meaningful relationships.

Getting attached to worldly desires and possessions leads to Materialism which leads to increase in competitiveness. Money obviously buys choices but can never buy our Peace of Mind that we crave. So, be content with the simpler things in Life as that’s where the real long-lasting happiness and Peace of Mind derives.

So for the sake of your Peace of Mind, avoid falling in the Trap of buying things unnecessary or unimportant just in order to feel good momentarily. However; to have a secured future set aside some money as that can prevent losing your Peace of Mind due to financial related worries.


4. Love Unconditionally and Be Kind: The more we love, the greater our Peace of Mind will be. This helps us to accept everything more and feel at ease in the world, no matter what situation we find ourselves in. By experiencing less insecurity; our inner Peace is heightened.

When you don’t expect anything in return, it makes it easier to love without fear and be kind. By choosing to be unkind and love with conditions attached, our unmet expectations can lead to inner turmoil, feelings of resentment and unnecessary insecurities thereby decimating our Peace of Mind.

But, when we show love and kindness, it builds an inner motivation and develops the feeling of gratitude. Besides reminding us there’s always positives, focusing on all the things in our lives that we are grateful for promotes Peace of Mind. Besides Love and Kindness is free but it makes a positive massive difference—not just to us but to everyone including the place we call our home “Planet Earth”.


5. Forgiveness: Never hold grudge instead forgive those who have caused hurt as this is an important step for better mental health and build better relationships. For the sake of your Peace of Mind, you’ll need to let go of any bitterness you have toward people from your past.

If not, you are bringing anger or bitterness or even inner pain into every new situation thereby not being able to enjoy the present, lose connection with others, become depressed or anxious and and many other worse kinds. Without the need for reconciliation and by forgiving allows you to heal as you are letting go of your grievances and negative judgements. 

Also, never expect an apology but do this for yourself as being the better person, you can just say “I forgive you”. Remember that by choosing not to forgive would lead to you getting hurt more than the other person (thereby becoming another factor that hinders your Peace of Mind).


6. Have a Light-hearted Approach toward Life: Here’s how anyone can maintain a Light-hearted Approach toward Life.

  • Without taking offense at every little thing that other people do and say: Otherwise, you will remain in a constant state of frustration and your thoughts will feel out of control thereby losing your Peace. However, if you focus on believing the best in others you are shifting your thoughts which will helps in finding Peace much easier. 
  • Not be too hard on yourself and try to correct everyone who does not agree with you: At some point in Life, everyone is bound to make mistakes. So never be too hard on yourself but instead learn from the mistakes. Also, avoid making it your personal mission to correct people who does not agree with you, otherwise, you going to live in a constant state of strife and eventually lose your Peace of Mind. As such, it becomes important to choose the battles with the people and situations you face daily.

For instance: You may not agree with a conversation happening between your Colleague and your Boss. But, choosing to involve yourself in this conversation might put yourself in a position of choosing sides thereby jeopardising your Job as well as lose your Peace of Mind due to the stresses that derived from this conversation. Yet, everything goes smooth sailing for your Peace of Mind by not being part of this conversation.


7. Make the Necessary Adjustments: It’s always a good idea to check whether you are happy with the way you want in your Life. So, every now and then; ask yourself simple questions such as: Are you happy with…Your Life? Your Job? Your Relationship? Are you on the right track to attaining your Peace of Mind?

Make the necessary adjustments if necessary to maintain the Peace of Mind. Use positive affirmations when you talk to yourself like: “I will find a way to overcome no matter how difficult it may look”, “I-M-Possible…so, bring it on”.

Also, there will be times when you may need to make significant changes in your Life (for the sake of your Peace of Mind). For instance: Living around a Noisy Neighbourhood can affect your Mind negatively, thereby causing depression or stress. As such, take necessary steps to change your surroundings. When do you want to move to another apartment or home, seek the help from friends and family members.

No matter what, always believe in yourself and remind yourself that you will be fine.


Verdict: Suppression of negative emotions can lead to compromising your wellbeing and in the process, hinder your Peace of Mind. So instead release stress, guilt, grief and frustration in a constructive manner which can thereby help you to attain the Peace of Mind as well as be grateful in Life.

Anyone can achieve the state of Peace of Mind but in order to be a Peaceful person, we all need find ways to create the time for ourselves by:

  • Living for the moment
  • Relax more
  • Improve our relationships
  • Revamp our circumstances (in General)

For those struggling to attain their Peace of Mind, kindly speak with an experienced Certified Therapist as they can help you further and address the root of your struggle as well as provide you with actionable steps to help you achieve your Peace of Mind. 


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