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5 Substitutions Per Game Rule To Reintroduce Or Not (2020)

By joining the chorus of bringing back the 5 Substitutions Rule per Game, Jürgen Klopp had cited the inevitable problems of Player injuries caused due to Player Burnouts.

Player Burnouts happens as a result of the congested fixtures that then bound the Player to play for their Parent Club as well as for their Country within a short period of time with insufficient time for recuperation, thus resulting in the increased likelihood of the Player sustaining injuries.

Klopp bemoaned the injury loss of Trent Alexander-Arnold after the young Englishman suffered what seemed to look like a serious leg muscle injury during the Manchester City Fc Premier League away encounter.


Prominent Coach like Pep Guardiola voiced his support in favour of Klopp to reintroduce the 5 Substitutions Rule per Game, in order to ease the burden on the Players.

The Premier League’s justifications behind the 5 Substitutions Rule was to give sufficient time for the Players to recuperate and prevent the disruptions of the Team’s plans a result of the Player Burnouts.

The 5 Substitution Rule was introduced during the latter part of the Last Season and the Rule seemed to have favoured the Teams that have Quality Players to rely from the Bench.


As such, the Premier League decided against to continue with the 5 Substitutions Rule this season (despite other European Leagues choosing to continue).

Moreover, it seems quite unlikely that the Premier League’s concerned Top Bosses would consider reintroducing the 5 Substitutions Rule after November International Break 2020 or even within the foreseeable future.

Klopp has already expressed his strong displeasure in sending his Players out for the International Break especially during the period that has already been further exacerbated by the effects of COVID-19.


Verdict: Liverpool Fc (The Reds) are already forced to content with the congested fixtures as they are already involved playing in the Champions League and the Premier League this Season.

To add to that, the Reds are scheduled to begin their FA Cup Campaign from the beginning of January 2021.

So, it’s understandable of Klopp’s grievances and his justifications for the need to reintroduce the 5 Substitutions Rule.

The Reds have already lost key players like Trent Alexander-Arnold and quite possibly Fabinho as a result of the Player Burnouts.

Therefore, the Premier League Top Bosses whoever are responsible must reconsider reintroducing the 5 Substitutions Rule at least for the foreseeable future.


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