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One of many gratifying feelings is raising or adopting a cute little Kitten or a Cat, but it is also important to remember that neutering Cats can help control the stray cat population and unnecessary culling of innocent animal lives.

For many Cat Parents, Neutering Cats is one of the most responsible things any Cat Parent(s) can do.

Depending on the Cat Breed and Gender of the Cat, Neutering can be done at any point in the Cat’s Life but it is ideal to neuter the Cat before it reaches its Puberty.


The following table provides concise information about the Pros and Cons of Neutering Cats, in order to help the Cat Parent(s) to make informed decisions for their Cat(s).

• Reduces the risk of contagious Cat infections that can be transmitted through breeding (such as Feline leucosis, Feline Immunodeficiency illnesses)• Possible effects of the Anaesthetic on Cat’s health
• Reduces the risk of accidents or getting killed by vehicles as Cats stray in search of mates and becomes less territorial• Risk of obesity caused due to hormonal imbalances for certain Cats
• Avoids fights or other fatal incidents with other Cats or animals• Likelihood of urinary tract infections for Obese Cats caused due to neutering complications which can thereby lead to urine getting collected in the urinary tract and thus resulting in Urinary infections as Obese Cats don’t move much
• Reduces the the urge to marking territory with strong-smelling urine among Males Cats as well as keep the home clean and hygienic• Can lead to the inability of the Cat’s body to control the functions of urination or defecation
• Prevents unwanted kittens from being born and unnecessary culling of innocent animal lives 
• Takes the stress off from looking for other Cats to mate and thus, prolongs life span 


Neutering a Cat is not necessarily regarded as a form of Animal Cruelty or in any way hurt the Ecosystem. On the contrary, neutering a Cat allows it to live longer and avoids increasing the Cat Population as mentioned in the above table.


Verdict: Kindly consult about Neutering a Kitten or a Cat with the Local Veterinarian as they can advise on the appropriate time for doing the surgery for Neutering as well as clarify any lingering doubts about Neutering a Kitten or a Cat.

Besides, Neutering helps the Kitten or the Cat to live a long stress-free Life free from the stresses of thinking about breeding and enjoy the rest of its Life.


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