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Many of us don’t realise how our kindness can positively impact someone else’s day or even make their Life better and this is why Kindness or being Kind is very important.

True kindness is when we are being kind to those who are unable to repay back our kindness.

Also; whenever we do anything out of kindness, we should never expect anything in return. Why? Karma at some point of our Life will positively impact of our Life especially when we least expect.


The problem most good people faces is that when we have some bad things happen to us for doing good things or for being kind, we feel discouraged easily and even stop of being a Good Person entirely.

When such things happens, we should be resolute in being good. For the sake of Goodness, we should be the Ray of Light at the end of the very dark tunnel. This means we should be the ray of hope for the people who still believe in Goodness in Life or for people who are nearly giving up on the belief of goodness in Life.


So be kind to everyone. It doesn’t matter to whom we are being kind to. We should be kind to every people, animals and even the place we call home – Planet Earth.

There are many ways we can show our kindness or be kind. But, the best form of showing kindness or being kind is by doing an Act of Random Kindness.


What is “Act of Random Kindness”?

It simply means an unexpected or non-premeditated unpredictable action that offers kindness regardless whether it’s to a Person, Community, Animal(s) and even to our Planet Earth.


The following are some of the simple ways to inspire Acts of Random Kindness:

  1. Be kind to Planet Earth by picking up the plastic trash near to one’s home. “Tiny drops of water make a might ocean”. There are millions of non Biodegradable Plastics just lying around everywhere. Even take a day off to clean up the nearby streets or beach and get your friends to be involved as well
  2. Plant a tree
  3. Donate money for the conservation of Marine Life or donate money to any Animal Conservation Programs especially for the protection of the endangered Animals
  4. Help the Disabled People whether it’s visiting a nearby Non-Profit Organization that helps the disabled people or even donate to such an Organization
  5. Adopt an animal from the Animal Shelter. Save an animal’s Life. But remember this requires a lot of time, patience and commitment to take care of animals from the Animal Shelter as such animals were previously mistreated or abandoned. So most of these Animals need time to trust humans again
  6. Sponsor a child through a reliable Non-Profit Organization that helps raises children around the world
  7. Visit the terminally ill patients and cheer them up
  8. Help the Elderly People whether it’s visiting a Day Care Centre or even helping your Elderly Neighbour
  9. Do Volunteer Work for the Charitable Organization or Non-Profit Organization or Animal Shelter without charging any money
  10. Listen attentively when someone speaks and don’t talk back or advise unless they ask. Some people just want us to listen to them. Simple as that
  11. Serve food and clothes at a homeless shelter
  12. Give away Free Food Coupons or Vouchers for the Homeless People
  13. Give away full paid Movie Tickets with free food vouchers to the Orphanages, so the children can have an enjoyable day
  14. Help the Blind Person or Elderly Person or even a Child cross the street
  15. Carry the shopping bags for a Pregnant Lady all the way to her home
  16. Help someone carry their groceries or their things to the car
  17. Give your seat to the Pregnant Lady or even the Elderly Person that is standing
  18. Leave a note of “Thank You For Your Kindness And Protection” to our Soldiers and Police Officers
  19. Participate in a Charity Fund Raiser
  20. Take care of the neighbour’s pets or even walk their Dog(s)
  21. Hold the Door for the people
  22. Allow someone to go ahead of you while you are waiting for your turn
  23. Donate old clothes to a nearby Charitable Organizations rather than throw them away
  24. Send a “Thank you” to an Old School Teacher or University Professor
  25. Prepare dinner for a family that is financially struggling
  26. Offer spare coins for the Vending Machine
  27. Insert coins into Someone’s parking meter before they get fined
  28. Pay for Someone’s meal
  29. Pay for Someone’s Taxi or Bus or Train Fare
  30. Babysit for free
  31. Compliment a Stranger
  32. Help some random Couple to snap a beautiful photo of them
  33. Read stories for the Children at the Library
  34. Freely tutor a child who is struggling to learn
  35. Rake the leaves or mow the Neighbour’s Lawn or shovel a driveway when it snows
  36. Wash Someone’s vehicle for free
  37. Hold the Elevator for Someone
  38. Make homemade blankets or scarfs and donate them to a nearby Charitable Organizations or even Animal Shelters
  39. Buy Local Products from a Small Vendor
  40. Wash Someone’s dishes
  41. Talk to the shy or quiet one at the party and make that person feel involved
  42. Prepare a beautiful Eulogy and during the funeral, talk about all the nice things the deceased person has done during that person’s Life
  43. Be the shoulder to cry on when someone feels let down or feel sad or emotionally hurt
  44. Be welcoming to a New Neighbour or a Student or even a Work Colleague
  45. Give Someone a Souvenir from another Country and don’t expect anything in return
  46. Bake cookies or cake for a Local Community
  47. Give away your favourite CD or DVD to someone who can’t afford
  48. Freely give your services to someone that you are very good at. For example: You might have a background on Tax Calculations, so freely fill up the Tax Returns Forms for someone
  49. Do Someone a favour and expect nothing in return
  50. Spread words of kindness and encouragements to everyone


There are so many other simple ways to inspire Acts of Random Kindness.

Here’s one notable incident that happened to me which I want to share with everyone. This happened more than a decade ago and around Christmas time in Melbourne (Australia). At that time, I just finished my grocery shopping from a nearby Shopping Mall. On the way back to my old apartment, I saw a Middle Aged Man standing with his 3 children. They all looked crestfallen. The man showed his dignity not to beg in the streets for money.

He was saying to his kids “Sorry kids, this Christmas will be particularly hard for us. I don’t have the money for you to buy Christmas Gifts or even food and we have very little food at home to see through the Holidays. I hope you will understand. I am so sorry”. The man just cried helplessly. His little children hugged him and consoled him saying “It’s Ok Dad”.

My heart felt so touched. The man walked back to his home with his children. So, I decided to help them without them knowing and quietly follow them without them noticing me. Their home looked old and was in urgent need of maintenance.

At the door waiting for them, was the man’s wife and seeing him empty-handed, she didn’t even blame him as she knew that her husband was trying his best to feed his family.

After they all went inside their home and without them noticing, I rang their Door Bell. I then quickly left my groceries at their front door. Inside the grocery bag I placed $100 along with a small note “You and your lovely family need this. Merry Christmas”.

From a distance, I saw the man came out of his home to see who rang the Door Bell. He did not find anyone at the door but was a stunned to see the bag full of groceries and $100. He cried out of happiness and said “Goodness exists in this world”. The man then called his children and said “Kids look an Angel left us gifts for Christmas on the Front Door”.


Verdict: We are in the midst of the Corona Virus Global Pandemic. The effects of this Pandemic have made many people around the world struggle with many kinds of problems (financial, family, mental and so on).

However given that we have to follow our Local Government’s or Heath Experts’ advices to prevent COVID-19, as such it becomes more difficult to show our kindness or offer our help.

The best we could do at all times is: be kind and be ready to help in any ways possible.


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