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Liverpool Fc Fixtures Alisson Becker could miss 2020-21 Season

Alisson Becker suffered an unfortunate shoulder injury during training (prior to the disastrous 7-2 thrashing by the hosts Aston Villa Fc (The Villa)) and had been ruled out for an indeterminate period of time.

The Brazilian’s sudden absence perhaps had a knock-on effect on Liverpool Fc (The Reds) defence as the team imploded in the face of the unrelenting Villa attackers.

Adrián deputised for Alisson for the Villa away clash and the Spaniard’s costly mistake early in the game led to the opening Goal for the Villa, which then set the tone for the Match.

In defence of Adrián, Jürgen Klopp voiced his staunch support for the Spaniard and waived away calls for axing Adrián’s place in the team.

Even though the Summer Transfer Window 2020 was closed on 05 October 2020, yet the Domestic Transfer Window 2020 will close only on 16 October 2020.

This is done mainly to help (by giving more time) especially for the teams that are struggling financially to buy Players as well as to cope with the uncertainties of COVID-19.

Resisting the temptations, Klopp and FSG are unlikely to sanction any signings to bring a proven reliable Goalkeeper (as a backup for Alisson) before the Domestic Transfer window closes. Klopp will however need to eventually replace Adrián but not for the moment.

As such, Klopp is expected to continue showing faith on Adrián despite the Spaniard being culpable for the numerous losses that the Reds suffered.

The error prone Spaniard is set to continue as Goalkeeper for the Reds until Alisson recovers from his shoulder injury.

The very sight of Adrián as Reds Goalkeeper will be welcome news for any opposition teams but will cause more worries for everyone connected with the Reds.

For the Reds though, they will hope that Alisson’s injury will not result in a surgery which would then extend the period for recovery.

Even though Klopp was coy about the expected return of Alisson and set an undermined timeframe between 4-6 weeks. This means the Brazilian in all certainty will miss the upcoming Merseyside Derby against hosts Everton Fc on 17 October 2020.

Following are the Fixtures that Alisson is likely to miss:

  • Assuming it’s 4 Weeks:
17 October 2020Everton v LiverpoolEnglish Premier League
21 October 2020Ajax v LiverpoolUEFA Champions League
24 October 2020Liverpool v Sheffield UnitedEnglish Premier League
27 October 2020Liverpool v FC MidtjyllandUEFA Champions League
31 October 2020Liverpool v West HamEnglish Premier League
Key Notes:
1- The Match Schedules are subject to changes as per Broadcasters Requirements
2- The Matches marked as Red are significant for the Reds Title Defence
  • Assuming it’s 6 Weeks:

This will then be in addition to the above matches and the following matches.

3 November 2020Atalanta v LiverpoolUEFA Champions League
7 November 2020Manchester City v LiverpoolEnglish Premier League
Key Notes:
1- The Match Schedules are subject to changes as per Broadcasters Requirements
2- The Matches marked as Red are significant for the Reds Title Defence


Verdict: As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day”. So, at the age of 33 it’s unreasonable to expect Adrián to drastically improve. Until Alisson’s return, any level-headed Reds Fan would expect Adrián to meekly concede more Goals.

All the Reds can hope is for the speedy recovery of Alisson and at the same time, hope that Adrián would do a decent job deputising for Alisson.