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Reds Column III

Why Liverpool Fc will need to eventually replace Adrián

In losing 7-2 to the unfancied Aston Villa Fc (The Villa) last Sunday Night, Liverpool Fc (The Reds) had suffered their worst defeat in the Premier League era.

Most Adrián Loyalists, Former Football Players and Football Experts will point to fact that the Reds defence were all over the place in the face of an unrelenting counter attacks of the Villa players.

For Adrián Loyalists, they will also point to the fact that the Reds won the UEFA Super Cup 2019 with Adrián as the Reds Goalkeeper. The truth is no one can just go Under the Radar by playing badly in this day and age as match highlights of any matches can be easily found on YouTube.

The match in question however was the UEFA Super Cup 2019 (Reds v Chelsea Fc). This match had also Adrián’s frailties and blunders littered on it. For instances, the first Chelsea goal could have prevented by better positioning and the second Chelsea goal was the direct result of conceding the penalty by Adrián himself!

Also, Tammy Abraham’s penalty kick could have been stopped by any average skilled Goalkeeper. The Chelsea Player just tamely struck his penalty kick right on the middle which is a predictable angle to stop for any average Goalkeeper especially when the ball was struck with weak pace.

Regardless, the undeniable fact is that in last Sunday Night Aston Villa Fc game; Adrián’s Goalkeeping blunder (in less than 5 minutes) set the tone for the remainder of the match that resulted in the worst defeat for the Reds in the Premier League Era.

The Spaniard inexplicably gave away the ball away to Grealish. The young Englishman then neatly assisted to Wilkins who then scored the opening goal for the Villa.

This Goalkeeping blunder was not just one isolated incident or a match where Adrián has proven that he clearly is nowhere near the Reds standard. So, it will be even insulting for the World Class Goalkeeper Alisson Becker to have him be compared with the mediocre skilled Adrián.

Besides asking any ardent West Ham Fc (The Hammers) Fans about Adrián’s performances (as the Hammers Goalkeeper), anyone can find plenty of videos of Adrián’s Goalkeeping blunders and frailties on YouTube.

Therefore, there is no need for anyone to waste precious time to dig up Stats to prove or disprove the Goalkeeping Frailties of Adrián. The Spaniard is simply nowhere near the Reds standards and the World Class Goalkeeping Standards of Alisson Becker.

The mere sight of seeing Adrián as Goalkeeper would make any opposition team celebrate prematurely as they know they would not have to work too hard to beat an inept Goalkeeper like Adrián.

Poor sense of anticipation, nonsensical positioning, appalling shot stopping skills and inability to command his defences has been the hallmarks of Adrián as a Goalkeeper. The Spaniard was culpable for shipping goals while playing for the Hammers and later was allowed to leave the club on a free transfer without being offered a contract extension.

By contrast, the World Class Brazilian Goalkeeper Alisson clearly has shown why he is invaluable for the Reds and how much the club’s performances take a massive hit as soon as he gets injured.

Any World Class Goalkeeper can be the difference between success and failure for their team. The Unflappable Brazilian consistently produces several stunning game changing saves, rushes out to break down the attack and saves the odd penalty. All these helped the Reds secure several wins with clean sheets and narrow wins.

Alisson’s ability to pluck out danger along with his “Cat” like Reflexes, immaculate concentration and “Ice Cool” calmness throughout the match has been the hallmark of his game. Unlike Adrián, the Reds defence knows that they can rely on Alisson to bail them out especially when they have a slight dip in concentration during the match.

As evidenced with Alisson, World Class Goalkeepers in general greatly improves the confidence of the team as well as inspires the other players to perform even better.

On the other hand, whenever Adrián or his predecessors Simon Mignolet and Loris Karius were the Reds Goalkeeper, there was an apparent low confidence in the team and everyone connected with the club were deeply anxious as to whenever an opposition player lines up a shot.

Whenever Adrián or his predecessors Simon Mignolet and Loris Karius played, the Reds defence looked very shaky. The pressure got built even more on the outfield Reds players to perform even better especially when the Reds were going behind or losing the game.

This thereby led to more unnecessary nervy situations and the likelihood to make even school boy errors. These kinds of errors are difficult for any Goalkeeper to cope with.

Irnonically, all these errors are very unlikely to happen in the first place when the team has a proven World Class Goalkeeper to reply on.

Even teams like Manchester Untited Fc (with David De Gea) and Chelsea Fc (with Kepa Arrizabalaga) have been undone by Goalkeeper making blunders especially frequently.

It’s needless to say, what could have been had Adrián been the Goalkeeper for the majority of the Reds record breaking Title 2019-20 season.


Verdict: Adrián is already 33 years old, so Jürgen Klopp and Fenway Sports Group (FSG) would be wise to bring in a young proven quality Goalkeeper that can regularly challenge Alisson and quickly phase out Adrián.

The Reds could resort to grooming Caoimhín Kelleher or buy Gianluigi Donnarumma. Donnarumma perfectly fits the FSG’s Player profile and he is already in his final year of his contract with A.C Milan.

The young Italian has been a proven consistent performer with an underwhelming Italian side but given the opportunities that Adrián has, Donnarumma can eventually takeover the Goalkeeping duties from Alisson.

For the moment, the initial reported medical prognosis of Alisson suggests that he will be sidelined for an extended duration. But everyone connected with the Reds will be praying for Alisson’s speedy recovery to be fit in time to play against Everton Fc (The Toffees).