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Simple ways to feel Motivated amidst any difficulties

Everyone enjoys the ecstatic feeling of accomplishing whatever the task, irrespective of the difficulty of the task. The more we accomplish, the better we feel good about ourselves and this improves our motivation.

Our motivations boost our confidence and faith in our abilities to do any tasks (whether its Life challenges or day job or even Family Life).

As part of being the better version of themselves, most people makes New Year’s Resolutions each year but very few actually follow through with their commitment.


Due to the feeling of being demotivated, most would quit on their New Year’s Resolutions or give up easily when the going gets tough or things don’t pan out the way that one would have envisaged.

In General; when things do not go our way or when things go awry, it’s quite common to feel easily demotivated and quit or give up easily.


Some of the many things that can make one feel demotivated are:

  • Starting the task but never follow through until the task is completed
  • Worrying too much
  • Over-thinking about things
  • Bad eating habits or drinking too much Alcohol
  • Working too hard or too little
  • Not exercising regularly
  • Not organizing things in Life
  • Spending too much watching T.V or playing Video Game


Yet, there are many Simple ways to feel Motivated amidst any difficulties and some of them are:

1. Stop over-thinking: Stop wasting time over-thinking of things that were done and things that one has no control of. Instead, focus on the moment which is NOW and start by doing things that would make one feel good about themselves. One can start doing things which one feels truly passionate about.


2. Minimise and simplify things (including ones To-Do-List): Start with organizing things around ones home, pay off the pending bills, clean the dirty dishes and so on. The more one simplifies things, the more one would feel motivated to do more tasks or cross off some of the things in the To-Do-List.


3. Set achievable targets: When one accomplishes Goals that are more achievable/ manageable, it will also improve the motivation and have the stronger desire to even push beyond ones comfort zone.


4. Remember failure is the stepping stone to success: No one is perfect. So, it’s normal to fail or make mistakes. What’s important is to learn from the failures or mistakes and never let the failures or mistakes affect ones motivation. Moreover, never let the fear of failure, define ones life and make one feel demotivated.


5. Feel grateful of the things that one has in life: Stop comparing oneself with others and be content with what one has. When one develops the habit of expressing gratefulness, then one would feel less envious and fixated on what other people have. By expressing gratefulness, one would also likely to be more understanding and strengthen their motivation.


6. Celebrate ones accomplishments: By celebrating one’s accomplishment (like completing a course, losing weight, learning a new language and so on), helps in building motivation and self belief in ones abilities.


7. See goodness in everything in life: Inculcating such behavioural trait helps to understand things better and find solutions in order to make informed decisions rather than quit easily. Being able to see the goodness amidst any difficult time, helps to feel encouraged and stay motivated to see through any difficulties.


8. Surround with people who are motivated and feel positive about themselves: Being around with such people will help the person to develop or grow mentally stronger especially during difficult times. One can also learn more on how such people stay motivated and positive at all times.


9. Remember to have fun: By doing so, one would be able to stay motivated and complete the tasks (even ahead of schedule).


10. Help Others: As one improves, share ones motivational ideas and suggestions to others. There is no better feeling than to see someone be the better version of themselves and that itself is a great source of motivation. Also, seeing others do well will also motivate oneself.


There are many other ways to feel Motivated but only with the right kind of attitude.

Therefore, it’s important to remember that one can never choose or control any circumstances but one can choose the right attitude towards any circumstances.


Verdict: Never give up when things are not looking up, just stay positive and remain motivated. Life is never meant to be a Bed of Roses. At the same time, that is also one of the many beautiful things about Life.

Lastly, it is important to remember that the way we think defines our action and that is Karma.

So focus on Now and do the things that one feels truly passionate about.

Regardless at all times, stay motivated and believe that one can accomplish anything in life.


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