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Declawing: Pros and Cons

Declawing Cats: Pros and Cons

There are several undeniable benefits (including health benefits) of having/ adopting a Cat.

Yet, what all Cat Parent(s) faces constantly are getting scratched from their Cat(s) or their Cat(s) scratching the furniture or delicate objects in the home.

The expected Cat scratches are some of the instant turn off’s for anyone who wishes to adopt a Cat and therefore, rather adopt other pets (such as Dogs, Rabbits, Hamsters).

Its quiet normal and instinctive for any Cat to scratch. Scratching is also enjoyable for any Cats.

But such behaviour can be viewed as noxious and damaging for the Cat Parent(s).

And as such, many Cat Parent(s) considers the option of “Declawing”.

Declawing itself is such an emotionally charged and hotly debated topic.

Before one considers paying money for the unthinkable option of declawing, it is first imperative to understand why a cat has the urge to scratch objects or surfaces.

Reasons why a Cat has the urge to scratch:

  • Maintains good claws: Scratching helps the Cat to keep its claws sharp and healthy. Dirt or unwanted substances can be removed from its nails through scratching.
  • Alleviates stress: Through scratching, the Cat can release some of its repressed feelings or emotional stress. The Cats scratches especially when it feels excited to see the Cat Parent(s) return home or if another cat(s) move around its territory.
  • Stretching: Every Cats enjoys a good stretch as part of waking up or before playtime.
  • Mark territory: Cats are very territorial by nature. The Resident Cat marks their territory by leaving behind scent marks and scratch marks as a way of telling other cat(s) to be respectful of the Resident Cat.

It is also imperative to understand what “Declawing” is as well as its Pros and Cons.

Understanding this surgical procedure can greatly help any Cat Parent(s) to make an informed decision on how to best tackle the key issue of Scratching.

What is “Declawing”?

As a quick fix to permanently stop the Cat from scratching, people often misunderstands thinking that it is a simple procedure of permanently clipping off a Cat’s Nails.

The shocking truth is that it is an irreversible unnecessary inhumane surgical procedure that involves the amputation of the last bone of each toe of a Cat!

Declawing is an equivalent surgical procedure of amputating each finger at the last knuckle for a human. Just imagine that!

Multiple by million times that’s how much and even more a Cat has to greatly suffer after Declawing.

So, no loving Cat Parent(s) can ever consider declawing as an option.

Still to get a clear picture as to why some Cat Parent(s) would consider declawing their Cat(s), the following table provides some of the Pros as well as the Cons of Declawing.

• Protects Furniture and delicate objects/ properties• Unimaginable excruciating pain for the cat just to appease Cat Parent(s)
• Prevents scratches and infections from injuries for children and even Pet Parent(s)• Unnecessary surgical complications resulting to more infections or worse more amputations or paralysis or develop Arthritis
• Improves relationship between Pet Parent(s) and Cat(s)• Inability to defend itself especially if left outdoors
• Less inhumane or evil compared to deserting or worse euthanizing. In rare cases, can help save the Cat’s life when there is a need to remove the tumor• To avoid further pain, the Cat would avoid using the Cat Litter which then results in peeing all over the house

Even though there are not many conclusive studies that correlate to Cat Behavioural changes after declawing procedures, yet it is clearly inhumane or even evil as Humans are the sole beneficiary from Declawing a Cat.

Like every Cat Parent(s), we all look for safer solutions for the welfare of our Cat(s). As one understands the true implications of Declawing on a Cat, so one would look to find safer alternatives to Declawing.

And one need not have to look too hard as there are some simple safer alternatives to Declawing such as:

  • Scratching Posts and Toys: Provide at least one strong and stable Cat Tower with scratching posts for the Cat(s). Also, provide for the Cat(s) plenty of toys and mentally stimulating activities such as puzzle feeders.
  • Training: It’s easier to train a Cat when they are young. But, it’s never too late to mend. Through positive reinforcement, one can train the Cat to slowly stop scratching furniture or even humans. Positive reinforcement such as encouragement by giving treats to the Cat for good behaviour when the Cat stops scratching.
  • Trim or clip the nail frequently: Like humans, Cat’s nails also grow periodically. So, one can use special Cat Nail Trimmer or use Cat Nail Clipper to minimise the sharpness of the Cat’s nails.


Verdict: Scratching itself is a completely normal behaviour for any Cat and one should never even consider altering this trait.

Several veterinarians are refusing to declaw cats as it is considered as another form of animal cruelty.

Even some countries have outlawed Declawing except for rare cases where Declawing is required to remove the tumor from the Cat’s claws. 

If one has a Cat with persistent scratching issues, kindly speak with your local Veterinarian on finding a suitable remedy.


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