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Reds Column IV

Why Liverpool Fc is unlikely to sign any Marquee players (2020)

As soon as the Transfer Windows opens, one would always read: “Liverpool linked with…” or “Liverpool is planning to buy…” or “Liverpool held talks with (some) player’s agent over a Reds move” or “Liverpool tentatively enquired with the selling club”…and more imaginary nonsensical news/ blogs/ articles.

Until Liverpool Fc (The Reds) themselves confirms a player transfer, all these unfounded and baseless information are just mere rumours. That’s it!

Most likely these rumours originate from unreliable sources/ blogs/ sports websites with no credibility or any links with Liverpool Fc (The Reds).

Most commonly used terms to arouse every fans attention are: “Marquee” or “Marquee Player” or “Marquee Signing”.


So, what is a Marquee player?

A Marquee player is a player considered extremely popular, skilled and successful in a professional sport.

Depending on the length of the player contract, (most likely) such a player will cost a lot of money for a club that is interested to buy such players.

Besides playing for the club, some of the main reasons for a club to buy a “Marquee Player” are for Marketing and Commercial reasons such as: gain more exposure for the club in many regions/ countries and increase club’s brand recognition using the player’s popularity.


However, with the Reds…

Whether it’s Sir. Kenneth Daglish or Steven Gerrard or Kevin Keegan or Xabi Alonso or Ian Rush or Mohamed Salah or Bruce Grobbelaar or Alisson Becker; the Reds historically has never been a club that spends insane amount of money to buy any players.

Until the purchase of Virgil Van Dijk (around January 2018) from Southampton Fc (under £76 Million), the maximum the Reds spend exorbitant amount of money was for Andrew Carroll from Newcastle United Fc (under £36 Million) (around January 2011).

Also, it’s been over 2 years since the Reds spend £60 Million+ for a player and that was when the club purchased Alisson Becker from A.S. Roma (July 2018).

Furthermore, it is important to note that the Reds are owned by Fenway Sports Group (FSG). Unlike Chelsea Fc or Manchester City Fc, the Reds are not owned by an Oligarch or funded by an Oil rich nation (with a bottomless pit of money). FSG are an American based Sports Company (that also owns the Boston Reds Sox (baseball team)).


Jürgen Klopp himself is the kind of coach that likes to raise an relatively unknown player, then (through Klopp’s methods) make the player into a World Class Player (or a “Marquee Player”).

During Klopp’s managerial stint at Borussia Dortmund, the Charismatic German Tactician has raised players (like Robert Lewandowski , Marco Reus, Mats Hummels and so on) and made them into the World Class Players that they are known today.

Back then, these players were all relatively unknown players before Klopp bought them.


Since becoming the Reds Manager (in October 2015), Klopp and FSG uses the infamous “Moneyball” principles in their unified informed decision to buy any players.

Part of the “Moneyball” Principle is buying players that basically fits a certain profile:

  • Young with plenty room for improvements and further developments
  • Hungry to play and win
  • Good team player
  • Salary that does not break the club’s salary scheme/ policy
  • Has resale value

So, every level headed individual can imagine the kind of players which Liverpool Fc might most likely be interested to buy.

Yet, only the FSG Recruitment Team and Klopp would know which player they are truly interested to sign.


Verdict: The speculations and perplexing computations of the Reds having limited budget for this transfer window (2020) are just wide of the mark.

However, due to the current economic climate and the effects of Corona Virus Pandemic has forced the Reds to prudently approach the Transfer Market.

As such, rumours of Antoine Griezmann or Lionel Messi or even Jadon Sancho or Kylian Mbappé joining the Reds in this transfer window just do not add up.

Most likely, the Reds will need to sell a player (deemed surplus) to buy another player.


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