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Simple and Creative Ways to Spend Quality Time

Simple ways to Spend Quality Time during a Global Pandemic

Even if most people work at home, regardless everyone deserves a mental break especially after a long week of hard work.

For some staying at home the whole day with nothing much to do can be a different kind of hell called “Boredom”.

Almost every sporting event, TV Sitcoms, Concerts and so on are cancelled or postponed.

Travelling is no longer a viable solution amidst the Corona Virus Pandemic. Also, every Country has it’s own health regulations to tackle the Corona Virus Pandemic.


To stem the flow of the Corona Virus, almost every Country requires their citizens and residents to:

– Maintain social distancing (of at least 1.5m to 2m/ 6ft)

– Wear Face Mask while shopping or waiting at the bus stop or commuting

– Stay at home, if not feeling well and quarantine for 2 weeks. Seek further medical help, if one’s health is getting worse


Besides a lot of health experts strongly urge people even without Corona Virus symptoms to stay at home. Following the aforementioned simple health guideline helps in stemming the flow of the Corona Virus and thereby:

  • Saves from few hundreds to even thousands of people from getting infected or even get killed by this deadly Virus
  • Alleviate the workload of the Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare workers who has to work tirelessly round the clock to take care of those patients that are critically ill due to this deadly Virus
  • Help the Country and its economy as Businesses can reopen as soon as the Corona Virus is limited and kept under control


With travelling not possible at least for the foreseeable future, still there are some Simple ways to Spend Quality Time during a Global Pandemic (especially while staying at your home).

  1. (No matter how busy the Lifestyle maybe) Take care of one’s wellbeing and live healthy
  2. Do simple exercise like walking around one’s home
  3. Try being a Vegan or Pescatarian (if Vegan Lifestyle is too difficult)
  4. Clean and organize your household
  5. Everyday meditate for at least 20 minutes
  6. Stay in touch with family and friends or even people that one has not contacted for a while
  7. Help an elderly relative or even an elderly neighbour
  8. Learn a new language by downloading free app like Duolingo
  9. Adopt a pet even from an animal shelter and say “Adiós” to boredom
  10. Write a novel (fiction or non-fiction), essay, poem, blog and so on
  11. Try a new cooking recipe totally different from where one comes from or even try baking
  12. Try a new takeout from different food ordering service company
  13. Watch Oscar Movies like a marathon or watch romantic comedy movie marathon for couples
  14. Watch Comic Book related movies (from DC Universe or Marvel Universe)
  15. Watch old TV Comedy Sitcoms from the 1st season until the last
  16. Listen to music that makes one’s mood feel good
  17. Complete a crossword puzzle or jigsaw puzzle or sudoku
  18. Play Computer Chess and Level-up as one improves
  19. Go through old travel photos and share your travel insight with everyone
  20. Learn something new as knowledge is like an ocean with no depths
  21. Watch Kitten and Puppy videos or photos online
  22. Share your skills (Medicine, Engineering, Business) online
  23. Try a new skill like painting, paper cutting and so on
  24. Try a new hobby like stamp collection, coin collection and so on
  25. Donate to any reliable charitable organizations as there are many scammers posing as charitable organizations
  26. Try a few DIY (Do it your own) by carefully following the guidelines from reliable websites
  27. Be a Financial planner by preparing simple Budgets and Forecasts to minimise costs
  28. Be a Mixologist and try making Cocktails or even Mocktails
  29. Make a Wish-list or Bucket-list, then cross off the ones that are accomplished and follow-up on the remaining
  30. Learn self-defence from Professional Martial Arts Fighters on YouTube but practice safely without getting hurt


The aforementioned 30 simple ways are just some of the many simple ways to spend quality time during a Global Pandemic.

There are many other simple ways that one can follow but all one requires is a positive mind and regardless, find effective ways to self improve.


Verdict: The Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare workers are the true heroes as they risk their own lives everyday working tirelessly to take care of the Corona Virus Patients.

Still, everyone can help contain the spread of the Corona Virus by being a level headed responsible individual and follow each Country’s health regulations or health experts’ advices to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus.

For the moment, all one could do is just be responsible by staying at home and stay healthy.

Lastly, it is important to remember that the way we take care of ourselves is also Karma.




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