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30 Things to stop after Turning 30

30 Things to stop after Turning 30

Whether someone is starting off their career in their early 20’s or thinking of raising a family or unsure of what needs to be done in life. These life changing decisions can have a negative or positive impact based on the way one decides to live.

As one reaches the age of 30, one start to become more self conscious and would want to have an understanding as to what phase they are in life.

As the saying goes, “It’s never too late to mend” but at the same time “Time waits for no one”.

Still, there is nothing set in stone yet at the same time, it’s important to evaluate one’s life to prioritise what’s important in life and stop doing things as one becomes 30 years old sooner or later.

The following are the 30 things every person turning 30 should stop doing.

  1. Shutting off one’s mind to ideas or beliefs
  2. Becoming irrational/ judgemental/ agitated/ run amok with thoughts or beliefs without being well informed
  3. Pretending to be someone instead of one’s true self
  4. Avoiding the fact that one would be 30 years old sooner or later
  5. Wearing age inappropriate dress (like 30 years old still wearing a teenager’s dress)
  6. Extravagant spending of money or live beyond one’s means
  7. Involving family or friends to bail out of a financial crisis
  8. Being overly stingy or miser (for instance: to save just one buck for a very cheap stuff!)
  9. Trying to please everyone or earn their praises
  10. Associating money with happiness
  11. Waiting for things to happen rather than make the effort to make things happen
  12. Underestimating or overestimating oneself or try to live up to other’s expectation
  13. Holding on to grudges, resentments and regrets
  14. Spending too much time on Social Media or post silly things on Social Media to seek unwanted attentions
  15. Thinking about your past failures and grievances or dwell in past glories
  16. Texting, Eating and Drinking while driving or Driving recklessly
  17. Sleeping late at night
  18. Ignoring relationships (family or friends)
  19. Stalking your ex on social media instead of moving on with your life.
  20. Dishonouring commitments and promises
  21. Being unpunctual and miss important schedules
  22. Making excuses for not taking care of one’s wellbeing by eating fast/ junk food or follow irregular/ unhealthy eating habits or binge drinking
  23. Persisting in a toxic relationship or friendship
  24. Playing video games all the time
  25. Adding new tattoos
  26. Blaming others for one’s own personal failures or shortcomings
  27. Quitting on a task or responsibility, when things appears to look bleak or difficult
  28. Envying other people’s lifestyle or replicate their lifestyle
  29. Being pretentious or flaunting designer clothes or luxurious accessories
  30. Being ungrateful to life and unkind to people


Verdict: As we grow older, we learn more and become the better versions of ourselves through maturity.

We are here today as the result of whatever we have done in the past and what we will do today, will define our tomorrow. This is Karma

So, it’s important in our short life to use our time wisely by making informed decisions to ensure the future is more secure and serene.


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