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Liverpool Limited Transfer Budget 2020 and Thiago Alcântara

Due to the effects of the Corona Virus Pandemic, the Summer 2020 Transfer Window has been extended until 05 October 2020.

With the relaxed Financial Fair Play (FFP) Rules (as the result of the COVID-19 Pandemic), the rivals including Chelsea Fc and Manchester City Fc are already strengthening their squads ahead of the new season.

Since the arrival of Alisson (in July 2018), Liverpool Fc (The Reds) had no major transfer activities over the last 2 seasons.

In Layman’s calculation: Having won the Champions League 2018-19 Title, FIFA Club World Cup 2019 Title and Premier League 2019-20 Title (even factoring the Corona Virus Pandemic effects on the revenue during the 2019-20 Season, TV revenues (in general over the last season), other commercial revenues and deduct any other costs) the Reds surely would have pocketed comfortably well over £200 Million.  

As such, reports or rumours about limited transfer budget just do not add up! Jürgen Klopp and Fenway Sports Group (FSG) cannot simply wait and react, until the worse possible outcome happens (to buy players again to strengthen the squad).

The Reds F.A Community Shield 2020 performance against Arsenal is reminiscent of matches where the Reds (despite having majority possession) clearly lacked plan B against defensive minded teams that look to defend deep and attack on the counter. This shows the apparent lack of creativity in the midfield and this will be problematic (especially if Klopp persists with his usual 4-3-3 Formation).

Regardless of Wijnaldum’s contractual situation and (before 05 October 2020 Transfer Deadline), Klopp must do everything to bring in at least a proven creative attacking midfielder like Thiago Alcântara.

Besides his proven World Class skills and vast experience of winning numerous trophies (including the Champions League 2019-20 Title), (through razor sharp passing), Thiago is particularly gifted at unlocking teams that’s comfortable defending deep and attack on the counter.

Every team will look to find ways to counter Klopp’s usual 4-3-3 formation and it’s imperative that Klopp alters the formation (for instance) to the (sparingly utilised) 4-2-3-1 formation to be more unpredictable. With 4-2-3-1 formation, Klopp can still keep the defensive shape with 2 holding midfielders as well as have one creative attacking midfielder behind the Lone Striker and 2 Wingers.


Verdict: Thiago may not fit FSG’s player profile but with FSG’s unwillingness to spend big, he might be the only Reds affordable option for a Plan B.

He can operate both as a deep lying central midfielder or be the creative outlet that Reds sorely misses when they play against defensive minded teams that are comfortable defending deep.


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