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Healthy Tips for Busy People

Simple Health Tips for Busy People

For every busy people, some of the unquestionable health benefits of maintaining a healthy diet and fitness are: constant self improvement (mind, soul and body); long and fulfilling relationship; better work efficiency and so on.

Yet, so many people argue of being unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to their busy life.

As the old saying goes “Health is wealth”. The priority as such has to be one’s health and fitness. Regardless by taking all kinds of responsibilities and displace one’s own state of wellbeing will eventually have their personal, social and professional life deteriorate.

The point is no one would be “too busy”, if one prioritises themselves ahead of anything. Sounds selfish or self centred? On the contrary, it isn’t.

Every person’s life itself is the foundation of their own life. Without a firm foundation, then everything above will eventually fall down. So by taking all kinds of responsibilities at the expense of forsaking one’s health and fitness, they’re missing the crucial aspect of one’s life. Their own foundation!

This is what Self Care is all about. To think first about one’s own wellbeing before managing daily tasks (such as work, family, children, pets and any others that can happen during the day).


7 Simple Health Tips for Busy People:

  1. Create a schedule: Schedules helps to stay organized and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to list as much as possible to make sure whatever is life’s important matters are taken care of as well.


  1. Maintain adequate sleeping habits every night: Sleeping adequately (at least 7 hours) every night helps to recover the muscles and brain which thereby helps also in better efficiency and productivity in every aspect of life.


  1. Drink lots of water: Nothing can beat one of good old Mother Nature’s perfect gifts: (“Pure”) Water. 60% of the human adult body comprises of water. Therefore, it is necessary to stay hydrated by drinking sufficient amounts of water. Also, drink water that is free from contaminants and most importantly not compromises on purity! Depending on every individual, it’s recommended to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water. Avoid carbonated drinks, energy drinks, sugary drinks, water substitutes and so on.


  1. Limit the intake of alcohol: Everyone feels like to drink especially after a long week of hard work. Drink alcohol moderately to avoid adding calories. It’s important to stay energetic in order to maintain a busy lifestyle but alcohol never helps. So, try to reduce the alcohol intake and (as mentioned earlier) avoid sugary drinks.


  1. Look for ways to maintain fitness: It’s neither possible to hit the gym regularly nor take long vacation amidst the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Then while working consider: walking or riding a bike to work instead of driving or taking the train, use the stairs instead of the elevator, stand instead of sitting at the office desk and so on.

And while at home consider: listening to music that can uplift the mood and dance while doing the house chores or do gardening or go hiking or swimming rather than staying at home after work.


  1. Reduce Stress: There is no escape route to avoid stress. And stress, can take a heavy toil both physically as well as mentally. While at work or on the roads or at home consider: laughing by watching comedy movies/ T.V shows; take up a hobby; listening to music; read books; or even write.


  1. Be mindful while eating: Meeting deadlines can end up missing meals. Yet don’t forget to find time to eat and to breathe easy while eating. Also, don’t fill up the stomach up and eat slowly. Certain things to keep in mind:
  • Breakfast Rule: No matter how busy the schedule may be, never skip the breakfast as the body needs to get prepared for a long day. Skipping breakfast specially can lead to various health problems like diabetes, emotional imbalance and so on. 
  • Early Dinner Rule: It is recommended to eat at least 2 hours prior to bedtime. This enables the body to utilize the food efficiently and gives time to detoxify. Also, having dinner early helps to avoid weight gain.
  • Super Foods: There is no better way to boost and maintain health than including super foods in the diet. Examples of Super Foods: Quinoa, Avocados, Tomato, Turmeric, Ginger, Seafood (but with low mercury levels), Beetroot, Berries, Citrus Fruits and Apples. Needless to say; to feel the benefit of including Super Foods, it’s recommended to go for organic/ bio non-processed varieties.
  • Dining Out: Whether Office Parties, lunch/ dinner with clients, these are all considered an important part of professional life. But, never compromise on the diet and avoid overeating or drinking alcohol excessively. Consider: drinking water instead of beverage or alcohol; request for a salad instead of fries; add side dishes to balance the meal and so on.


  1. Be around with Like-Minded People who follow healthy lifestyles: The friends that one chooses can influence in the way that one lives. Good friends always encourage following a healthy lifestyle: eating good food, fitness and so on.


  1. Meditate: Buddhism follows simple meditation practices through simple postures: sitting, standing, laying down and walking. The main purpose of meditation is to relax the mind (even for a short moment) and (then) re-focus on the task. So, there is no need for the Lotus Petals or special fragrances for meditating.


Verdict: “It’s better late than never” and “Rome was never built in a day”. So, anyone can start following a healthy lifestyle anytime but patience is required. Start with simple steps each day to make small adjustments in one’s life, and over time these will amount to positive results.

After a while say in a year or couple of years, one would surely feel healthier and happier after following a healthy lifestyle (despite the busy life). Take caring of one’s body and mind will result in being more productive and energetic throughout one’s life.

Lastly, how we take care of ourselves is also Karma.


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