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Cats better than Dogs

Why Cats are more suitable Pets than Dogs

Growing up as a Dog Person (and like most Dog Persons) the main conflicting question faced with: Are Dogs more suitable pets than cats (or vice versa)?

Dogs are undoubtedly “Man’s best friend”.

Yet, after having my (first) cat Lyon (Norwegian Forest Cat) and (5 years later) Ralph (Siberian Cat); there are some undeniable reasons as to why Cats are more suitable pets than Dogs.

  • Dogs require far more space than Cats

Imagine having to share a bed with a Golden Retriever or even a small dog! In all likelihood, Dogs will take up a lot of space as they love to stretch out. For Dogs to grow; they need the room for eating, playing and exercise, and even their own things (like Dog Food Dishes, Water Dishes, Dog Bed, Dog Toys, and Chew Toys).

When comparing with Cats. Cats don’t require a lot of space to grow provided Cats have their essentials (like Cat Litter Box (one Cat Litter Box per Cat), Cat Toys, Food Dishes and Water dishes). Cats are content with these essentials and grow well.

  • Demanding and Exhausting Regular/ Scheduled Dogs Walks (for pees and poos)

The health benefits of walking are undeniable. But, imagine having to walk your dogs out (for pee or poo) on a hot summer day or freezing cold weather or rainy day or even late at night. And scoop up the Dog Poop with a plastic bag! All this can be very demanding and exhausting especially after a long day of work.

When comparing with Cats. After being Toilet Trained, Cats pees and poos in their Cat Litter Boxes. So, it’s a no brainer that it is much easier to clean a Cat Litter Box than having to take a Dog out for a walk.

Furthermore, besides grooming themselves, Cats are naturally very clean animals. One of their instincts inherited from their ancestors: Bury their pee and poop to hide their territory from predators. Every Cat Persons reaps the benefits of clean and completely covered waste.

  • Cats are happy living Indoors

To thrive, Dogs requires: a lot of exercises, plenty of walks and time spent outdoors. So, it’s inconceivable for dogs to have an indoors-only lifestyle.

Cats (on the other hand) are much content to live indoors (besides the comfort and safety of indoors). And are content to perch next to a window or curled up on the couch. Even open the window for some fresh air (and ensure that the window is not open wide enough for them to escape), and Cats will be totally happy watching birds and bugs (all day).

  • Cats are better for the environment than Dogs

As per the research conducted by New Zealand researchers (2009), Dogs are estimated to have about 2.1 times the environmental impact of an SUV! That is some serious carbon paw print! So after all, having Dogs aren’t so great for the place we call home – Earth.

  • Cats Provide Health Benefits

Regardless, owning a pet can reduce stress and make you live longer. But, there are certain health benefits that cats provide to their owners. Cat’s Purring (for instance) provide therapeutic capabilities on human heart, muscle and bones. The frequency of the vibrations from purring has healing effects on heart, muscle and bones.


Other Benefits of Having Cats as Pets:

  • Cats are quieter than Dogs

Every Dog Persons have to admit incessant Dog barking can get annoying and disturbing for others (especially late night)! Regardless, whether barking at a passerby/ another animal/ just want to attend.

Cats (on the other hand) are active at night but their meows and purrs are tended to be pretty quiet.

  • Cats live longer than Dogs

On an average, Cats (depending on the breed) can live anywhere from 10 to 16 years. A Dog (on the other hand) can live anywhere from 6 to 12 years.

  • Cats are more economical to take care than Dogs

Regardless, keeping a pet and taking good care of the animal can get very expensive. The expected expenditures are: spay/ neuter surgery, a carrier, and a crate for a dog/cat, a litter box for a cat and so on. Also, one must keep in mind to buy food and treats, make regular trips to the veterinarian, purchase toys and perhaps pay for pet insurance. However, on average, those costs are higher for a Dog than for a Cat.


Verdict: Dog Persons can argue that Cats are not very intelligent and cannot be trained. Dogs are known to have their special Dog-like traits of being close to Humans.

However, consider adopting a Norwegian Forest Cat or a Siberian Cat.

These Cats are known to be intelligent and easy to train. Norwegian Forest Cat Breed in particular has Dog-like traits of being close to Humans.

Also, Siberian Cats are often recommended for people with Allergies.

Having my cats in my life made realise that I am an Animal Person (not just a Dog Person).

Besides, raising or adopting a cute little Kitten or a Cat is one of many indescribable and gratifying feelings.


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