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The formal name of the breed: Siberian Forest Cat (Siberian or Siberian cat)

Origin:  Siberia  

National Cat:  Russia 

Life Expectancy: 15-18 Years

Personality: Intelligent, inquisitive and sociable

The Siberian Cats size can vary from medium to large.

The colour-point variant of the breed is called the Neva Masquerade. Yet, some don’t recognize the Neva Masquerade.

There are many colour varieties of the Siberian Cat (like tabby, solid and tortoiseshell). But, the unaccepted colours are: Fawn, Lilac, Chocolate and related colour combinations.

While there truly is no hypoallergenic cat or dog.

Amazingly, the Siberian Cat produces less Fel d 1 Protein than other cat breeds. And as such, the Siberian Cat is often considered hypoallergenic.

Furthermore, unlike the common misconception about Cat Allergies.

The Allergy sufferers gets the Allergic reactions from Cat’s saliva and not from the Cat’s fur.

The Fel d allergens produced in cat saliva triggers the Allergic reactions. This saliva is then deposited on Cat’s fur while grooming themselves.

Still, several Breeders and Pet Owners claim that Siberians can be safe for many allergy sufferers.

But, there are not many scientific evidences to substantiate such claims.

Since females of all Cat breeds produce lower levels of Fel d 1. As such, breeders often suggest allergic families to adopt female Siberian Cat.

However, the Allergy sufferers are advised to check with reputed Siberian Cat Breeders.

This is to make sure of no cat allergic reactions, before adopting a Siberian kitten or Cat.


Typical body characteristics:

The Siberian Cats have:

– a stockier and powerful build with strong hindquarters

– large and well rounded paws

– a large bushy tail

– barrelled chests

– medium/ large sized ears

– large round soulful eyes

– broad foreheads

– a slight arch to the back which assists in being agile jumpers

– the hind legs being a bit longer than the front legs

– has three layers designed to protect from the harsh Russian winters

– easy to groom as the fur is textured but glossy


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