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Cat Litter is one of the key aspects of Cat Care (besides providing the Grain Free Cat Food).

Each websites or Cat Specialists have their opinions about the ideal Cat Litter.

So, it can be difficult to find the right kind of information regarding the ideal Cat Litter.

There are many types of Cat Litters. Each Cat Litters has its pros and cons.

Following are the summary about the different types of Cat Litters.

Clumping Clays• (Generally made from Bentonite), the clumping clay litter is easy to scoop out• Non-biodegradable and can cause environmental problems
• Most cats prefers this type of litter• Heavy
• Traps more odour• Can cause intestinal problems as Cats cleans their paws and can ingest the clay with it
 • Creates a lot of dust which can lead to Lung related issues for both Cats and Humans
Non-Clumping Clays• (Not made from Bentonite) but absorable• Does not form scoopable clumps and requires frequent cleaning which can be very strenous
• More affordable than Clumping Clays• Can cause intestinal problems as Cats cleans their paws and can ingest the clay with it
• Emits little amounts of dust compared to the Clumping Clays• Emits a lot of dust and can cause Lung related issues
Crystals• (Generally made from made of silica), so this kind of litter often control odor better and last longer than clay litter• Expensive
• Very Light• Can cause intestinal problems as Cats cleans their paws and can ingest the crystal with it
• Emits small amounts of dust compared to the Clay VariantsRough shape of the crystals can be hurtful on the paws, making it unlikely to use the box with the crystal litter in it
Pine, Corn and wheat (Plant Based)• Biodegradable as it’s made from made from Recycled Corn/ Wheat/ Pine • Usually don’t clump up
• Mostly low or no dust• Requires scoop with larger holes
• Natural Smell without being scented• Relatively expensive
• Usage can significantly reduce a Cat’s Carbon Paw Print over it’s lifetime 

All loving Cat Parents would want the best for their Kitten(s)/ Cat(s).

In comparision with the other Cat Litters, Plant Based Cat Litters are better both for the Kitten(s)/ Cat(s), Cat Parents and the environment.

Also; over the course of a Cat’s life, one will find that Plant Based Cat Litters are much economical compared to other types of Cat Litters.

There are many Plant Based Cat Litters Manufacturing Companies: Cat’s Best, World’s Best, Applaw’s Nature Calling and so on.

However; (with those having Long Hair Cat Breeds) it’s recommended to use Cat’s Best – Smart Pellets.

Advantages of Cat’s Best – Smart Pellets:

  • 100% natural as the wood fibres comes from secondary materials thereby ensuring that no trees are felled
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable with the waste litter can be put in the compost/ clumps can be flushed down the toilet
  • Soft-clumping cat litter made from pellets
  • Ideal suited for Long Hair Cat Breeds as the smooth surface of the pellets reduces the litter being strewn around
  • Odour binding and naturally fragrant with no artificial scenting
  • Absorption up to 7 times its volume in moisture
  • Easier to transport as it’s up to 40% lighter than mineral litter


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