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How to identify a Good Cat Breeder

How to identify a Good Cat Breeder

In the earlier article, we published about the benefits of Grain Free Cat Food. Finding a Good Cat Breeder is never easy, so this article will help you on how to identify a Good Cat Breeder.

First and foremost; before agreeing to buy a kitten or a cat, it is highly recommended to:

  • Find a reputable Cat Breeder
  • Visit several Cat Breeders

All Kittens/ Cats are cute, so don’t let your emotions cloud good judgement. Never commit immediately into buying a Kitten/ Cat without visiting or contacting several reputable Cat Breeders.

Plenty of suggestions will be provided. But it’s not possible to provide a concise Check-List of identifying the Right Cat Breeder.

Kittens/ Cats in general must be raised mainly around the daily activities of people in bedrooms, kitchen, TVs, and so on.

But unfortunately, just like Puppy Mills there are a lot of Kitten Farms/ Kitten Mills.


What are Kitten Farms/ Kitten Mills?

Kitten Farms/ Kitten Mills are places where individuals poses as Breeders sells large number of Kittens/ Cats with money being the main motivation and never the welfare of the Kittens or Cats.

These Kitten Farms/ Kitten Mills are seriously harming:

  • The Cat breed standard and profile
  • The vitality and vigour of the kitten/ cat
  • The reputations of good and ethical breeders
  • Even the Pet Owners

So, please be warned and beware!


How to determine a Kitten farm/ Kitten Mill:

  • Sells several different Cat breeds (more than 2 breeds is definitely red flag!)
  • Sells a lot of Kittens/ Cats than the Breeder can manage
  • No Champion(s) in the breeding stock or claim champion lines without having showed themselves
  • Disinterested in bettering the breed or genetic improvement of health
  • Allows breeding rights to Pet Owners
  • Charges by the colour or mixed breed
  • Make arrangements selling Kittens/ Cats with local Pet Supermarkets 
  • Unaware of the lineage and genetics behind the cat
  • Most likely, will have dirty and unhygienic environment with too many Kittens and Cats living side-by-side in cramped or confined spaces


Key points for identifying a Good Cat Breeder:

  • Requires visiting directly at Breeder’s home (besides E-Mail/ Telephone contacts)
  • Raises Kittens/ Cats as part of their family/ children
  • Will never have more Kittens/ Cats that the Breeder can manage
  • Will enquire about the Future Pet Owner’s background (like: the place of living, other pet(s) living, Pet safety topics, family members, children and so on)
  • Encourages open discussion with Future Pet Owners
  • Knowledgeable about the Breed and any underlying health issues
  • Never worries about selling Kitten/ Cats as the Breeder will find plenty of better Pet Owners to take care of the Kitten/ Cat
  • Is an active member of a Cat Association or is a Local Government Licensed Cat Breeder
  • Will obviously has a Champion Cat(s) or even Grand Champion(s) earned through Cat Exhibitions
  • Attended and attained several Qualified Cat Breeding Certifications
  • Maintains a general rule of thumb: One Male Cat for every 2/ 3 Female Cats
  • Maintains good hygiene, safe, open and large spaces for Kittens/ Cats to grow
  • Places cats/kittens with a health guarantee and never allows the kittens to leave before 12 weeks of age or not healthy enough to live with the future Pet Owners
  • Provides Pet Contract and includes the insistence on de-sexing/ castrating for Non-Breeding Kittens/ Cats within the ascertained specified period
  • Fully vaccinates, de-worms and provides health certificate/ pet passport with Microchip
  • Many Reputable Breeders may have kittens only once a year and might have a waiting list
  • Reputable Breeders have other Reputable Breeders as Referrals in their respective websites
  • Includes as part of the Pet Contract: the return of the cat/kitten in the event that the Future Pet Owner is unable to keep the Kitten/ Cat


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