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All responsible and loving Kitten(s)/ Cat(s) Parents would want the best for your Kitten(s)/ Cat(s) as part of the Cat Care.

Every website agrees or disagrees regarding what to do and what no to do for the benefit of your Kitten(s)/ Cat(s).

One of the many important things that has been often debated is whether or not to provide Grain Free Cat Food for your Kitten(s)/ Cat(s).


Cats (like their ancestors) are carnivorous and their body is naturally designed to digest meat.

So they require the right amount of protein and not too much of carbohydrates for their survival.


Most Cat Foods contains high amount of grains (like wheat, corn, oats, rice, barley) to bind the food. Grains are cheaper option to produce Cat Foods.

Furthermore, Grains assists to make up the necessary amount of protein needed for the Cat food. Some even come with the label “100% Natural” just to confuse.

These Grains enriched Cat foods contain high amounts of carbohydrates which can be detrimental for your Kitten(s)/ Cat(s)’s health.


Some of the advantages of Grain Free Cat Foods (including Grain Free Cat Treats):

  • Prepared more naturally (compared to Grain Enriched Cat Foods)
  • Closely mimics the natural diet (meat)
  • Aids in easy digestion
  • Sustains the vitality and vigour
  • Beneficial for Kitten(s)/ Cat(s) with grain related food allergies


Also, given there are many Cat Food Manufacturing Companies claiming to provide Grain Free Cat Foods, so buying the right Grain Free Cat food enriched with essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein) can prove to be difficult.

Some Grain Free Cat Food Manufacturers remove the natural carbohydrate elements from the Cat food and replaces with unhealthy supplements.

Some of the recommended Grain Free Cat Food Manufacturing Companies are: Mac’s, Wild Freedom, Purizon and so on.


Verdict: Every Kitten(s)/ Cat(s) will require different kinds Cat Food depending on their dietary requirements, so please check with your Local Veterinarian to seek advice about the right Grain Free Cat Food Manufacturing Company for your Kitten(s)/ Cat(s).


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