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Being born in Kuwait to a multicultural family, spent my early 20’s in Australia and married my lovely Japanese wife; so getting accustomed to every culture, traditions and values has become a norm for me.

Having travelled 33 Countries ((as of 12 August 2020) and not including transits), my hunger for travelling is insatiable. I drove countless hours with my wife on the road crossing borders by Car all in the name of Wanderlust.

Perhaps I would have travelled more Countries with my wife in another alternate universe or multi-verse (where the Corona Virus Pandemic or other Global Pandemic never existed).


Living in Australia has blessed me with so many friends (mates) especially back in Melbourne (Australia). I feel grateful to Melbourne for the person, I am today.

In Melbourne, I learnt a lot about Life. Melbournians (people from Melbourne) are generally very laidback and easy to make friends with. Even my Aussie Best Mate was the Best Man for my wedding.

So, no words can ever describe how much I miss drinking a cold beer, lying on the beach and talk about Life with my mates. Melbourne opened me to more people from other Countries and made forever lasting friendships.

One particular friendship that struck a chord with me was my first few German friends. I met my first few German friends while backpacking in Mildura (a town that is about 5 hours away from Melbourne) with my Egyptian-Japanese Best Mate.

One night while my German Friends were drinking together, (on the way to my room) I just walked passed them. To my astonishment and hardly ever knowing me, my German Friends invited me to drink with them.

At that time, they were speaking in German. And after I joined them, they suddenly started to speak in English. I told my German friends to feel free to speak in German and I was content with that (even though I did not understand a single German word (back then)).

What’s even more shocking for me was their modest reply. One of my German friends told me at that time that they wanted me to feel part of them and part of their conversation. I felt so touched.


Never in my Life, have I met genuinely good people from another Country that invited me without knowing me well enough. I believe that Japanese people are the most polite people in the world.

But perhaps, Japanese people like all normal people would need to know the person first before inviting over. Germany and German people has won my heart, amongst all the Countries I lived and travelled.

With my wife, (in 2015) I arrived here in Germany as a student enrolled for my second Masters Degree. Germany is one of the best Countries in the world that provides world class quality education for free!

So anyone with good grades from a reputable University from another Country (and if their grades can be validated as per E.U Education Standards) can study in Germany for free (depending on the Universities in Germany)!

But please check with the respective University in Germany regarding the course information and requirements. (Besides the legendary Autobahns) Germany is also renowned for their efficiency and (state of the art) automobile technology.


No Country is perfect. So, Germany like all other Countries has their fair share of problems and that is normal. During my first few years in Germany, I did not find a single impolite or rude German.

I spoke only English and never received any negative reactions from any Germans I spoke with. And whenever I needed help with understanding/ translating German Language Documents, the German people I met were always kind and ever ready to help.

Generally speaking, Life in Germany is quiet easy. Even though the German Grammar is a bit complicated. Still, many words are quite similar to English and most Germans (especially young Germans) speaks English fluently.

Later, in 2016 I graduated my second Masters Degree and worked for a Japanese Company that specialises in selling Eyewear Frames.

I then, studied the German Language and speaking German greatly helped to make more German friends. One time when I was trying to find the directions for the U-Bahn (Underground Subway) Station; out of the blue, a young German guy came to me.

Despite speaking to him in German, he conversed to me entirely in English. And showed me the directions to the U-Bahn (Underground Subway) Station I was searching for. How is that for an “Act of Random Kindness”!


One can call it Lady Luck or whatever. But, I personally feel that German people are genuinely sweet and laidback people (much like the Melbournians).

For Aussies and Japanese especially, Germany would feel more like home away from home unlike other Countries.

With a profound love for beer, the Germans are known to follow the rules diligently wherever they are (even when some people from other Countries don’t follow the rules) and are very competent to do their tasks efficiently at workplaces.


Verdict: Of course, I have read about Racists issues that had happened in Germany and it’s no different to Australia. (Yet, as shocking as it is for others) I still never met a Racist Aussie or a Racist German!

So for me, I find that very hard to believe that Germans and Aussies are Racists! Still like all level-headed individuals, I do believe that in every Countries few Idiots exists and these Idiots talks Crap.

But these Idiots don’t represent Great nations like Germany, Australia and any other Countries. Also, it’s extremely unfair to demonize an entire nation just because of these few Idiots.

Few things I can share from my Life experiences (regardless of whichever Country that one intends to live or travel):

  • Talk to people politely and people (more often than not) responds back kindly.
  • (I don’t consider myself as a good example but) Learn a few words or sentences before living or travelling to another Country. Simple words like: “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Sorry”.
  • Learn a little bit about the culture of the Country before living or travelling. Why? One Person’s perception of rudeness is not considered rude by a Person from another Country. For instance, the Europeans normally only Smile when needed (unlike Thai smiling culture).
  • Yet few rude people and Idiots exists everywhere, so just ignore them.
  • Of course, when one lives in another Country long enough; (needless to say) just learn the language of that Country and there is no excuse. Better late than never. Just have the heart to learn a new language.


God bless Germany and German People. And God bless Jürgen Klopp.


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