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Georginio Wijnaldum: To Keep or Not To Keep?

Liverpool Fc (The Reds) has been the epitome of consistency and efficiency by notching 196 combined Points over the last two seasons (2018-19 (97 Points) and 2019-20 (99 Points)).

As such, few players like Adrián and Divock Origi will most likely bound to be overlooked or go under the Radar. 

Georginio Wijnaldum has been a vital player for Klopp. But the Dutch, is still one of the few players that is so polarised among the Reds Fans.

The Dutch gained some unwanted reputation of conceding possessions or being virtually invisible in key matches.

So, the Million Dollar Question is…Georginio Wijnaldum: To Keep or Not To Keep?

Since joining the Reds in 2016, the Dutch has racked up an impressive 150+ matches and scored several crucial goals.

The intriguing aspect about Wijnaldum is that he started off his career playing mainly as an attacking midfielder or Left Winger.

Under Jürgen Klopp’s management, the industrious Dutch was converted to a Holding Midfielder.

His presence of provides added protection through defensive cover alongside mainly with Jordan Henderson or Fabinho.

This empowers the full backs (Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson) with the freedom to roam in attacking situations.

This further explains the lack of goals and goals assists from Wijnaldum.


Verdict: Wijnaldum will be in the wrong side of 30 in 2021 and his contract has already entered in the Final Year. The ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic had an adverse effect on the club’s revenue.

So, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Reds consider other options like playing Curtis Jones in the First Team. This will then be a similar situation to what has happened earlier.

Former Reds player Emre Can had his contract wind down, then left the club as Free Agent/ Bosman.

Regardless of whatever happens with Wijnaldum, the club will always find a way to resolve whether internally through promoting young players from youth academy or buy another promising young versatile player.


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